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traction / тяга, тракция, сила сцепления
имя существительное
traction, draft, pull, rod, thirst, draw
сила сцепления
traction, cohesion, adhesive power
имя существительное
the action of drawing or pulling a thing over a surface, especially a road or track.
a primitive vehicle used in animal traction
the grip of a tire on a road or a wheel on a rail.
his car hit a patch of ice and lost traction
the extent to which a product, idea, etc., gains popularity or acceptance.
analysts predicted that the technology would rapidly gain traction in the corporate market
the application of a sustained pull on a limb or muscle, especially in order to maintain the position of a fractured bone or to correct a deformity.
his leg is in traction
Pictures, diagrams, tables and models are used to explain the evolution of engines from steam through diesel to electric traction .
His approach has started to gain traction in Europe.
To facilitate animal traction , migrants cut down big trees, cleared bamboo bushes, and uprooted stumps.
With electric traction we could bring the time down to 30-35 minutes, which would be reasonable for 46 miles.
Why were valuable time and money spent in attempts to adapt the unadaptable old horse car lines to the new condition of electric traction ?
The demonstration of an electric railway at Berlin by Siemens in 1879 opened the way to a transport revolution based on electric traction .
The democratic presidential hopeful is losing some traction to Barack Obama in some key polls.
At first the deal got plenty of criticism, from environmentalists and pro-business conservatives alike, and little traction on Capitol Hill.
These charges include electric traction current and station-leasing charges.
The new Hodgen splint held a limb in traction while a wound was dressed, a critical innovation on the battlefield.