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trackage / железнодорожная сеть
имя существительное
железнодорожная сеть
trackage, railway system, trucking
имя существительное
the tracks or lines of a railroad system collectively.
After Babylon, we entered the world of non-electrified trackage and grade crossings.
Union Pacific also has trackage in the state, and at least two short-line railroads offer freight service from small communities to main lines.
Private sidings came into being whereby the industry owned the trackage on their own property.
We got a little non-revenue trackage thanks to his generosity.
We use a non-standard signalling on most of our trackage , except for parts that we inherited from another operator.
We all went to places to which we had not been before, and got to ride new trackage at the various tourist railroads we visited.
At yards and terminals, thin lines are used to indicate the outlines of the limit of trackage .
The facility presently has trackage for a 100-car unit train.
Eight thousand miles of trackage lace the Chicago area, so it's imperative to get cars rolling out of so congested a district first, and classify them for delivery later.
It wasn't until 1898 when the Astoria & Columbia River connected Astoria to the NP line, with trackage rights to Portland.
We had made up a little time here between Staunton and Culpepper, but lost it upon entering NS trackage because of work on the line or a track slow down.