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track / трек, след, дорожка
имя существительное
track, racetrack, racecourse
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, scent
track, path, lane, walkway, pathway, runner
follow, track, watch, trace, look, attend
trace, track, retrace
track down, hunt down, track, trace, trail, spoor
имя существительное
a rough path or minor road, typically one beaten by use rather than constructed.
follow the track to the farm
a continuous line of rails on a railroad.
Until Beeching there was a twin track railway line along here.
a recording of one song or piece of music.
the CD contains early Elvis Presley tracks
the transverse distance between a vehicle's wheels.
Several suggestions were made by Ford engineers to improve its stability, including widening the track width of the vehicle.
a group in which schoolchildren of the same age and ability are taught.
What should you consider when choosing a high school diploma track ?
follow the course or trail of (someone or something), typically in order to find them or note their location at various points.
secondary radars that track the aircraft in flight
(of wheels) run so that the back ones are exactly in the track of the front ones.
I've just had my wheels tracked 'cause I thought that was the problem.
(of a tunable circuit or component) vary in frequency in the same way as another circuit or component, so that the frequency difference between them remains constant.
The system will contain a more sophisticated heading sensor as well as more advanced tracking and stabilizing circuits.
assign (a student) to a course of study according to ability.
Tracking pupils by skill level as early as age 9 worked.
tow (a boat) along a waterway from the bank.
Older people recall walking directly over the frozen snow from point to point rather than following the track of the road hidden beneath the snow.
He refused the offer because he had only been back at the track riding horses in the mornings for five days.
She started to sprint harder, just as she had done in for track .
Researchers have found a way to track people's mouse movements in a bid to see how they behave when using the Internet.
he was going to track the canoe up the ice-hung rapids
I bet Jackie would be quite happy to chat about any of his films for a featurette or a commentary track !
What should you consider when choosing a high school diploma track ?
a Formula One Grand Prix track
They tried to track the person from following the account my paychecks came from.
the usual track of ships