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tracery / узор, рисунок, орнамент
имя существительное
pattern, design, tracery, weave
drawing, pattern, figure, picture, illustration, tracery
ornament, decor, tracery, garniture
ажурная работа
имя существительное
ornamental stone openwork, typically in the upper part of a Gothic window.
The main medieval style in western Europe, characterized by the pointed arch, slender columns and shafts, buttresses, pinnacles, and increasingly complex ceiling vaulting and window tracery .
This was costly to construct, flamboyant, and characterized by ogee arches, flowing and inventive window tracery , and lighter vaulting.
Their skins, a phosphorescent seafoam green, were embellished with a delicate tracery of painted tattoos - leaves, flowers, sperm, tears, butterflies.
In addition, the top areas of the main windows are decorated with stone tracery describing trefoils, quatrefoils and Moorish arches.
a tracery of red veins
The curtains are made of saris glittering with sequins a tracery of gold threads unfurling.
As a 1917 photograph of this painting shows, the sail that fills much of the foreground originally bore a delicate tracery of rigging.
Windows were traditionally of translucent alabaster, but during the second Turkish occupation, deeply coloured stained glass began to be used in the decorative plaster window tracery .
Earlier masons, he tells us, produced simple tracery in round windows by piercing stone discs.
the rose designs were divided by tracery
a tracery of red veins