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tracer / трассирующий снаряд, меченый атом, исследователь
имя существительное
трассирующий снаряд
меченый атом
tracer, label, tracer element
researcher, explorer, investigator, discoverer, boffin, tracer
имя существительное
a person or thing that traces something or by which something may be traced, in particular.
The radioactive tracer evaluated for this study, known by the brand name Zemiva, links a fatty acid to a radioisotope which is injected in the patient.
Because 210 Po associates appreciably with organic matter inside cells, unlike other particlereactive nonessential metals, it could have promise as a tracer of sinking organic matter in the ocean.
Finally, our understanding of the trophic structure of the ecosystem was greatly advanced by following the tracer through the food web.
The tracer was attached and they continued their pursuit.
Flares and tracer bullets sliced across the night sky after the blasts.
A radioactive tracer visualized the parts of the brain that were active while different types of sounds were being processed.
If such sites are also large enough to admit fluorescent, tracer dye molecules, the permeable areas can be visualized with an epifluorescence microscope following incubation in the tracer .
As we watched, a gunner fired again and red tracer bullets made their way slowly towards us across the river.
they used radioactive carbon as a tracer
Then, of course, all the tracer fire started coming in, and we were really in trouble.