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toy / игрушка, забава, безделушка
имя существительное
toy, plaything, bauble, trick, gaud
fun, amusement, game, play, sport, toy
bauble, trinket, knick-knack, trifle, bijou, toy
имя прилагательное
puppet, dolly, toy, dollish, doll-like
miniature, diminutive, cameo, midget, toy, elfin
play, act, perform, play on, toy, fiddle
play, toy, lark, fool with, skylark, monkey
несерьезно относиться
dally, toy, trifle
имя существительное
an object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
a toy car
denoting a diminutive breed or variety of dog.
a toy poodle
If you have a white toy poodle, you would want to place her on, or in front of, a black, blue or brown backdrop.
The latest sad news is that their tiny toy poodle has disappeared.
One can only hope they are of the toy variety, otherwise her family's apartment must get pretty crowded.
as the courses came and went, she could only toy with her food
Sadly the drugs rapidly tired her out and she slumped back in humiliated defeat, a toy for his pleasure.
Inform your honey that you've had it with the hysteria and the shrieking, so her toy poodle has to go.
Unlike the show held in April, there were not many fancy and toy breeds.
The toy is modelled on the pint-sized singer, even down to her famous bottom.
Miniature toy cars can drive with wet, painted tires over unusual papers.
But now that they've got that little one that everyone carries around, that's a bit of an adult toy , too.