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toxic / токсический, ядовитый
имя прилагательное
poisonous, venomous, toxic, noxious, toxicant, virulent
имя существительное
poison, venom, toxic, toxin, bane, virus
имя прилагательное
the dumping of toxic waste
denoting or relating to debt that has a high risk of default.
So a lot of people at risk here with these toxic loans which are really bad deals for consumers.
имя существительное
poisonous substances.
The GAO cited ‘significant data gaps’ in eight problem areas, including pesticides, air toxics , and aquatic ecosystem health.
I have a friend who is selling a product that is supposed to eliminate up to 30 pounds of toxic waste from the colon.
The toxic nonsense about ‘public plays’ and ‘grand themes’ arises largely from this muddy water.
High concentrations of a variety of metal ion complexes are known to be harmful because of their toxic and genotoxic effects.
Such analysis, for example, leads to the conclusion that toxic waste should preferably be dumped on to the developing world.
You should avoid toxic substances and chemicals at work and at home.
There weren't any chemical factories or toxic waste dumps or traffic, just a few goats and olive trees.
A favorable aspect from Mars bestows the faith to let go of toxic situations and to seek new and exciting adventures.
Taken together, this breed of politics and the social relations they upheld created a toxic atmosphere of corruption.
Operations continued throughout the night with the first of two toxic hazard exercises getting emergency teams moving early.
All of these developmental processes are extraordinarily complex and can be disrupted by toxic chemicals.