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toxaemia / токсемия, заражение крови
имя существительное
toxemia, toxaemia
заражение крови
blood poisoning, septicemia, sepsis, toxaemia, toxemia, septicaemia
The classic textbook description of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis includes severe pain, fever, and toxaemia .
The patient often became severely ill from the general manifestations of infection - fever, rigors, and toxaemia - and was very likely to die when this occurred.
The evidence that ambulatory blood pressure measurement may predict pre-eclamptic toxaemia is not yet conclusive.
Patients with tuberculosis empyema present with chest pain, breathlessness, cough with expectoration, fever, and toxaemia .
Women pregnant with multiples are more likely than those with singletons to suffer premature delivery, toxemia (a potentially fatal form of high blood pressure), and hemorrhage.
The second or toxemic stage of pertussis follows relatively nonspecific symptoms of the colonizaton stage.
During her second pregnancy his wife, Shelley, developed toxemia ; the couple awaited the new baby's birth with trepidation.
Moreover, no significant differences in infant growth were noted between the presence/absence of toxemia during pregnancy, cesarean section, and smoking habit.
When used in hemodialysis, it is part of an artificial kidney system for the treatment of patients with renal failure or toxemic conditions and provides access to a patient's blood for hemodialysis.
Anything that uses up nerve-energy enervates, and the child becomes toxemic because the elimination of toxin is impeded.