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town / город, городок, местечко
имя существительное
city, town, place, borough, burg
town, village, township
place, township, town
имя прилагательное
urban, city, town, municipal, townish, towny
превращать в город
town, urbanize
имя существительное
an urban area that has a name, defined boundaries, and local government, and that is generally larger than a village and smaller than a city.
In Namibia reckless individuals occupy erven in residential areas in cities, towns and villages to conduct their unwanted business.
a country town
I often take a shopping list into town and get the bus straight back empty-handed because I'm so weary.
The only superpower in town seemed to be settling into what looked like a comfortably peaceful future.
the difference between town and country
In town , shops were sold out of fans for a time and were quickly snapped up when stocks were replenished.
The woman was walking into town to do her shopping when she was punched in the head by a man trying to snatch her handbag.
In town recently for a reading at Concordia, I decided to ask York about her interest in this subject.
do you live far out of town?
There are a vast network of interconnecting buses in most urban centres, out to the outermost suburbs of town .
Carson was in town