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tower / башня, вышка, крепость
имя существительное
tower, belfry
fortress, strength, stronghold, citadel, tower, bastion
rise, tower, dominate, overtop, overlook, tower up
tower, rise above, tower up
rise, become haughty, tower
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a tall narrow building, either freestanding or forming part of a building such as a church or castle.
Between them run narrow alleys affording breathtaking views over the roofscape and church towers of central Stockholm.
a place of defense; a protection.
Basic tools and pure muscle were used to construct everything from security towers to protective barriers fronted by razor wire.
rise to or reach a great height.
he seemed to tower over everyone else
(of a bird) soar to a great height, especially (of a falcon) so as to be able to swoop down on the quarry.
The big ticket item was a US Air Force B1 Bomber, which towered over the surrounding displays like a massive bird of prey.
The group objected to the development's design and height, stating it would tower over the neighbourhood.
Your cool new platforms make you tower over the guys - so what?
Here, sheer limestone cliffs tower over gentle pastures and provide what many people believe is the finest scenery in the Alps.
This time a massive hydrogen bomb lifts its manmade plumes until they tower over the natural clouds.
he seemed to tower over everyone else
The Liberation Tower is the fifth tallest communication tower in the world.
It will tower over the community for years, a constant reminder of bureaucracy's triumph over democracy.
For the next two weeks it will tower over the stadium as it is used to manoeuvre the roof of the two-tier West Stand into place.
A major housing development in Colchester will tower over nearby homes, residents claimed today.
a titanic tower of garbage