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towel / полотенце, гигиенический женский пакет
имя существительное
towel, wiper, jack-towel
гигиенический женский пакет
towel, sanitary napkin, sanitary towel
вытираться полотенцем
вытирать полотенцем
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, towel
имя существительное
a piece of thick absorbent cloth or paper used for drying oneself or wiping things dry.
Use a dust pan and brush for the larger pieces, damp paper towels or cloths for smaller slivers.
wipe or dry (a person or thing) with a towel.
she toweled her hair dry
To add a sheen, polish the eggs with a paper towel or cloth wetted with vegetable oil.
a bath towel
Scott turned off the water, which had started to get cold anyway, and started to towel off.
If water beads up around your fingertip when you press on the paper towel, the towel is too wet.
When he stepped out of the shower and started to towel off, he heard Jim hang up the phone.
quickly we'd towel off and dress for dinner
For this you'll use a very little colour and you'll fill the brush with paint and then wipe most of it off on a paper towel .
It felt strangely comforting to towel off and put my worn, old, casual clothes on.
The two headed to their sides of the arena to towel off and take long drinks from canteens of flavored water.
Once I had stopped shaking from the temperature change I began to towel myself off.