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towage / буксировка, плата за буксировку
имя существительное
towing, tow, towage, haulage
плата за буксировку
имя существительное
the action or process of towing.
The Plaintiffs in the action had entered into a towage contract with Lambert Eggink Offshore Transport Consultants.
a charge for towing a boat or vehicle.
Most of the waterway network, however, conserved traditional techniques or adopted alternative technologies because of the cost of towage , its limited capacity and the bottlenecks it created.
carry on (a war or campaign).
it is necessary to destroy their capacity to wage war
up to £125 for emergency repairs, including labour costs and towage
Other assets include two specialised marine terminals for oil and gas exports with a 15-year main towage contract with Shell at Braefoot Bay in place.
In a bid to remain in the top position, the MPA says it will continue to develop its facilities, as well as offer quality maritime services such as bunkering and towage .
The fact that the owners are unable to recover the towage charges under Rule XI in the present case does not seem to me to be anomalous.
The barge was being towed by a tug registered in Azerbaijan and owned by C on time charter to U. The towage contract between B and U contained an EJC to the English Court.
Three maritime workers in Queensland face disciplinary action and may be sacked by their ship towage employer for attending the rally.
A garage submitted an invoice to the car owner's insurance company for a towage fee of €300 for bringing the car from the scene of the accident to the garage.
In the unlikely event that the police do find that a vehicle has been unjustly impounded by one of their members and they return the vehicle, who will pay the towage and storage costs?
a harbour towage company
In The Robert Dixon 5 PD 54, a tug failed to recover salvage remuneration when she had carelessly towed a vessel too close a lee shore and, following failure of the towage connection, had to embark on a rescue of the tow.