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tousle / взъерошить, ерошить, взлохматить
tousle, dishevel
ruffle, tousle, tumble, rough
ruffle, tousle
имя существительное
mop, tousle
шапка волос
head of hair, tousle
thicket, spinney, tousle
make (something, especially a person's hair) untidy.
Nathan's tousled head appeared in the hatchway
He had dark tousled hair that appeared to have been cut by a barber in a rush.
Slightly jumpy, Michael peered into a mirror and tousled his hair, constantly shifting his weight.
Her hair was tousled from what looked like a rough night of sleep.
One boy with a shock of blond hair tousled her hair affectionately.
Her dark brown hair was tousled and tangled with signs of restless sleep.
He looked tired, his blond hair was tousled from sleep, and he had somehow found a loud orange shirt and green trousers.
The wind tousled his hair and it became a little messy, and I laughed.
There was blood in his dirty tousled brown hair and suddenly, as if he had sensed her watching him, he looked up and his eyes met hers.
My hair was tousled around my face, a single strand tickling my nose.
His dark brown hair was slightly tousled , falling onto his forehead.