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tourniquet / жгут, турникет, артериальный жом
имя существительное
tourniquet, wisp
turnstile, tourniquet, wicket, stile
артериальный жом
имя существительное
a device for stopping the flow of blood through a vein or artery, typically by compressing a limb with a cord or tight bandage.
The surgeon may encircle vessels with umbilical tapes and tourniquets to control blood flow later in the procedure.
For limb wounds, a pneumatic tourniquet should be used if possible to reduce blood loss.
Many surgeons use a tourniquet (a tight band) around the thigh, which reduces blood flow around the knee.
The circulating nurse deflates the tourniquet after the elastic bandage is in place.
Frequently he would return to the ward at night to check a plaster or that a tourniquet had not been left in situ inadvertently.
Drain blood from the finger and apply a tourniquet using a rubber band or a small Penrose drain at the base of the affected digit.
Do not use a tourniquet (to cut off circulation to the affected limb) or try to cut or suck the venom from the wound.
The doctor uses a hand or a tourniquet to temporarily block off the blood flow in the veins.
A perioperative success is freedom from a tourniquet injury, not just the task of applying the tourniquet .
This does not preclude the operating physician's applying the tourniquet as he or she wishes.
Nurse Friendly checks the tourniquet ; finds the pressure is low and adjusts it to the correct pressure.