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touristy / туристами
переполненный туристами
имя прилагательное
relating to, appealing to, or visited by tourists (often used to suggest tawdriness or lack of authenticity).
a touristy shopping street
On Wednesday we were going to do a touristy sight seeing bus tour thing, to get our bearings, but then we hit on the idea of doing the whole city on rollerblades.
I love the winding streets, and I know it's heavily touristy , but I just love it.
But this weekend, while visiting New York, I had one touristy thing I desperately wanted to do.
Spending your vacation in the great outdoors is a much better alternative than staying cooped up in a hotel room or visiting touristy theme parks.
It's very odd there's men in fluorescent vests who keep blowing whistles, presumably whenever a tourist does something a bit too touristy .
It is nothing like the busy metropolis of Atlanta nor the more touristy mountain vacation areas of the southeast.
Some of them you could tell were recent and touristy , but others looked pretty authentic.
Parliament Street is the natural end to the touristy stroll down Temple Bar, so you may not be as lucky.
This is as touristy as it gets on Tobago, with a few tour buses and a handful of beach shacks selling souvenirs - more like a quiet off-season day in any other part of the Caribbean.
I did a very touristy thing - visited an art gallery.