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tourism / туризм
имя существительное
tourism, touring
имя существительное
the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest.
This will be done with the help of tourism offices and the Visit Britain organisation.
It is also likely to cause concern among the global travel industry and tourism bodies in America.
Our visitor numbers are through the roof and tourism is becoming the boom industry in Hull.
City fathers have long known the advantages for commerce and tourism of being car friendly.
A city so reliant on tourism will deter repeat visits if it looks filthy or unkempt.
He was in his 50s and had moved from the sugar industry into tourism around five years ago.
the tourism industry
But the wage is the same amount of cash the council wants to slash from tourism and leisure.
Tourism has been seriously hit and tourism is a major employer and has huge purchasing power.
We all know of the success York has in high-tech business, its university and tourism .
It is just now that local people are realizing the potential for this type of tourism .