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tourer / турист, путешественник, туристский автомобиль
имя существительное
tourist, camper, tourer, sightseer, tripper, excursionist
traveler, voyager, tourist, tourer, viator, traveller
туристский автомобиль
touring car, tourer
имя существительное
a car, camper, or bicycle designed for touring.
For touring, the best bike is a tourer - strong frame, big wheels, rack on the back for panniers, mudguards for the rain, enough gears for the hills.
The choice here comes down to the driver's personality - are you a bit of a secret hooligan or more of a gentleman tourer ?
Kitted up with a full touring pannier kit, the Sprint ST makes an enjoyable tourer .
At the other end of the scale was a £50,000 seven-berth Burstner motorhome for the serious tourer .
Whether it's a tourer , a motorhome, a holiday home or even a folding camper, the winning leisure vehicle will be decked out with mod cons fit for a gadget geek in heaven.
Driving it on the press launch last week it proved an excellent tourer and very much a city car, with compact dimensions, modular passenger compartment and four seats.
The car had put on so much weight that a V8 engine was required to keep it motion, and the big, square body was so bulky it was really more of a convertible tourer .
Sadly, this is not a sports car; it's a sports tourer .
And apart from its gas-guzzling engine it was a very competent sports tourer .
But the most popular car is thought to have been a 1920s open tourer with four cylinders and 15 hp.
The new facility is another jewel in the crown which is Enniscrone and catering to an emerging higher echelon tourer rather than tourist.