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tour / тур, путешествие, турне
имя существительное
tour, round, lap, bout, gabion, dance
travel, traveling, journey, tour, trip, voyage
tour, round trip
tour, go on tour
совершать путешествие
journey, tour
совершать объезд
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited.
three couples from Kansas on an airline tour of Alaska
a journey made by performers or an athletic team, in which they perform or play in several different places.
she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company on tour
a period of duty on military or diplomatic service.
he was haunted by his tour of duty in Vietnam
make a tour of (an area).
he decided to tour France
Prince Charles then braved a steady drizzle as he was given a short tour of the monument which was decorated with an array of coloured flags and banners.
And then he headed to Florida to tour areas that are devastated by those recent hurricanes.
There is also no future in sending exhausted teams on tour .
The logical solution was to hire an air-conditioned taxi for the day and tour the main sites in comfort.
On Wednesday, members will tour the site before going to The Guildhall for a presentation about the scheme.
Tschirnhaus began a European tour in 1674, visiting England where he met Wallis in Oxford and Collins in London.
she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company on tour
Next it was the pilgrimage part of our tour , as we visited the house where the virgin Mary spent the end of her life under the care of the Apostle John.
At the al-Dawrah animal vaccination laboratory, journalists were again given a guided tour after the inspectors had left.
The tour visits Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, the Mekong Delta and a visit to the ancient archeological site at Hue.