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tough-minded / трезвый, реалистичный, лишенный сентиментальности
имя прилагательное
sober, realistic, teetotal, abstinent, realist, tough-minded
realistic, realist, tough-minded, down-to-earth
лишенный сентиментальности
имя прилагательное
strong, determined, and able to face up to reality.
These subjects are strong-willed and tough-minded .
The tough-minded approach isn't good news for high-tech companies looking for a return to glory days.
You might not remember why you made up your mind but, because you're such a tough-minded thinker, your reasons must have been good ones.
We need to understand that they know who they are, and are clear about their interests and in that clear tough-minded way that we need to sit down and make it clear that we're not going the base relationships on delusions and wishful thinking.
That injects his analysis with a tough-minded realism that is often lacking in challenges to the hawkish view of the world.
But with sufficient will and attention, and a balanced, tough-minded approach, solutions are possible.
These subjects are strong-willed and tough-minded .
Thus, she plausibly can present herself as tough-minded here (more than plausibly perhaps - few have ever questioned her toughness).
While this view was based on very selective evidence, it had a powerful hold on political leaders, tough-minded technocrats and senior government bureaucrats in many developing countries.
Increasingly, work and competition exist along the boundary where ideas meet execution - and where soaring creativity meets tough-minded business logic.
They are close to the tough-minded position of extreme realists - except that hard revolutionists want to destroy the state system, whereas extreme realists want to preserve it.