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touchstone / пробный камень, критерий, оселок
имя существительное
пробный камень
criterion, test, measure, yardstick, touchstone, hallmark
touchstone, hone, rubber, facing stone, burr, hone-stone
имя существительное
a piece of fine-grained dark schist or jasper formerly used for testing alloys of gold by observing the color of the mark that they made on it.
Small black stones were used as touchstones to test the colour, and hence purity, of gold.
Smith endorsed capitalism as a means to his ultimate value - control of arbitrary rule, a premise that has remained a touchstone of liberalism.
His reference to the Cold War as his touchstone gives him away.
It is a touchstone against which I measure my own political views.
An article in a foreign journal becomes a touchstone and then a norm, unless it is torn asunder by some path-breaking discovery.
I would have thought ID cards are a pretty fundamental issue if not a touchstone of liberal credentials.
they tend to regard grammar as the touchstone of all language performance
What, in short, is the touchstone by which to recognise a special class of people from members of the general public?
Ridley's treatment of the role of inheritance in the determination of intelligence and, more generally, of personality, will be for many readers the touchstone by which his book is judged.
We had no idea the film would become the touchstone for special effects films that it is recognized to be today.
Considerations on the French Revolution would become a touchstone for the liberals under the Bourbons.