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touchdown / гол, посадка
имя существительное
goal, touchdown
landing, fit, embarkation, seat, touchdown, carriage
имя существительное
the moment at which an aircraft's wheels or part of a spacecraft make contact with the ground during landing.
two hours until touchdown
a six-point score made by carrying or passing the ball into the end zone of the opposing side, or by recovering it there following a fumble or blocked kick.
Hopefully we get a bunch of touchdowns from both sides.
At touchdown , the platform securely captures the landing gear and then lowers the fighter to the mother ship's backbone.
Rogers and Burke scored two tries each in the opening 40 minutes when Romania also scored a touchdown .
The gear lights came on just before touchdown as the aircraft firmly settled to the runway at full power.
two hours until touchdown
In addition, don't forget about the wind: The more wind there is, the better off you'll be because of the slower touchdown .
The pilot gets into a small bit of leftover wake turbulence, the rental aircraft wobbles just before touchdown and a wingtip catches the runway.
Nine penalties later and in the third minute of injury time, they finally scored the touchdown they needed, Graham getting his hands on the ball in yet another pile-up.
It was only a few short moments before touchdown that disaster struck.
On one play, Hammonds snuck into the end zone for a touchdown - and took such a wallop from an opponent that he broke the helmet he and Foley shared.
The shuttle was on its way home at last, and fast approaching its designated landing site with 10 minutes left until touchdown .