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touch-type / печатать вслепую
печатать вслепую
type using all one's fingers and without looking at the keys.
After meeting face-to-face, a trail of text messages continues the conversation as friends disperse in trains, buses and on foot, nimble thumbs touch-typing on numeric keypads.
After two failed attempts to teach myself to touch-type on another machine, investing in my own obliged me to get serious and stick with the exercises for a month until I had disciplined my fingers to find the keys without looking.
Oliver Letwin, the Shadow Home Secretary, said teaching officers to touch-type would be a valuable weapon in the fight against lawlessness and disorder.
I already knew how to touch-type - first step, I thought, to becoming a writer - and I persuaded my employers to let me learn to use their Compugraphic photo-setting equipment.
All the keys were covered and there was a poster of the keyboard on the blackboard so we could learn to touch-type .
This led her to buy a computer on which to learn to touch-type but instead she began creative writing.
Despite being forced to learn Typing in high school for three years, I can't touch-type .
Mr Morley's varied career continued when in 1941 he was posted to Egypt, where he was taught to touch-type in a converted bus and then posted to Heliopolis, where he was part of a team handling vital war correspondence.
I want to be able to touch-type , and these new machines are too small for this.
I just recently explained why I can't touch-type .
He has large-print books and is being taught to touch-type .