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tote / тотализатор, перевозка, груз
имя существительное
tote, sweepstakes, totalizator, totalizer, sweepstake, sweep
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, tote
cargo, goods, load, freight, loading, tote
carry, bear, bring, waft, tote, wash
carry, take, wheel, have luck, tote, trundle
carry, transport, ferry, haul, convey, tote
carry, wield, or convey (something heavy or substantial).
here are books well worth toting home
имя существительное
a system of betting based on the use of the totalizator, in which dividends are calculated according to the amount staked rather than odds offered.
This year, more than €7 million will be placed in bets at the tote at the racecourse and another €20 million in betting shops.
OK, so you've forgotten your tote , and you've ended up with a plastic bag.
It was then that I discovered the beauty of the tote and messenger bag, and their next-generation cousins - bowling ball bag, duffel tote or, my personal favourite, the diaper bag.
It easily converts from a tote to a backpack, and includes a front organizer for business essentials, side mesh pockets for water bottle and accessories, and adjustable backpack straps.
In one gray plastic bin a lilac cardigan, neatly folded, nestles against a small black canvas tote .
At first glance, an accessory is just that - a cute little handbag, a pair of shoes, a tote
It's fun to collect things and keep them all in a tote for a snowy day.
With a squeal of excitement, she dove into her calfskin tote and snatched out her cell, her face lighting up happily.
After you pay for your items and the cashier gives you a bag, simply put that bag down into your tote and you won't have to worry about the straps breaking or becoming weak.
This cute striped tote is perfect for carrying your lunch to school or as a simple purse.
She opened her tote (woven rattan, a knock-off on the latest Newport style) and flipped through her now well-worn Vogue, focused on the society snapshot pages.