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totally / полностью, абсолютно
fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, in full
absolutely, totally, utterly, sheer
completely; absolutely.
the building was totally destroyed by the fire
agree or correspond.
their signatures should tally with their names on the register
calculate the total number of.
the votes were being tallied with abacuses
the class was totally out of control
that's totally different
She finally knew what it was like to be totally and utterly in love with one person.
I disagree totally with the chairman
It was puny, totally lacking in the requisite shot of caffeine direct to the brain.
public transport is almost totally lacking
It had been feared that a strong wind from the east could have totally destroyed the window.
He is not a big spinner of the ball anyway and this means he is totally reliant on the rough for any deviation.
she totally loves the horse
'Can you do that?' 'Yes, totally.'