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totality / все количество, вся сумма целиком, время полного затмения
имя существительное
все количество
вся сумма целиком
totality, lump sum
время полного затмения
имя существительное
the whole of something.
the totality of their current policies
Goodness knows what horrid things he saw and I fear that there's no knowing the totality or the extent of the images that remained in his memories.
the totality of their current policies
At totality , the moon hides the sun for anything up to seven minutes.
So I expect the totality of the statement will be along those lines saying look, this is a sham and here is why.
At an early age, before he had experienced life in its natural totality , he embarked upon an odyssey charted out for him by others.
It doesn't mean he can't, or shouldn't, be investigated for the totality of his behavior.
The Roman state was false and anti-Christian precisely because it wanted to be the totality of human capacity.
The key to our reformation will be a positive and receptive attitude toward the totality of the human experience.
Yoga is then not just exercise and stretches, but encompasses the totality of the whole person.
Well, let us indeed examine the totality of the Prime Minister's words and deeds, and discover how we came by this misunderstanding.