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tot / малыш, карапуз, маленькая рюмка
имя существительное
kid, baby, child, tot, kiddy, little man
маленькая рюмка
глоток вина
amount, sum, total, number, quantum, tot
fold, add up, add, add together, sum, tot
summarize, sum up, totalize, tot, tot up, recapitulate
имя существительное
a very young child.
Many schools wore a festive look; sweets were distributed to tiny tots and one school provided free insurance cover for children.
a small amount of a strong alcoholic drink such as whiskey or brandy.
a tot of brandy
add up numbers or amounts.
We'd actually put Greece at the head of the pack by the time we'd totted everything up, and correctly predicted that the UK would come last.
A comrade gave him a tot of rum and a sixpence to bite on.
I'll tot them all up later - please feel free to submit more.
In Ronald Burton Milner's case, the drop is a tot of whisky before he goes to bed and a glass of Guinness with his Sunday lunch.
Linus liked a drink and it was always said that in the trenches, when the soldiers were given a tot of rum before going over the top, Linus made short work of his own tot and those of anyone who didn't like rum as well.
For 40 of those 60 minutes we weren't allowed to touch a drop from the four wine glasses in front of us, each with a tot of amber liquid.
His coachman's way of keeping warm was to have a tot of whisky while he was waiting for the Archbishop to come out of the theatre.
It required an assured batting display at Broadwater to secure the 12 points after the visitors had inserted Fleetwood and watched them tot up 208-6 off their 57 overs.
Centenarian Harold Barrett today revealed his secret for long life - hard work and a regular tot of whisky.
Indeed, Lightbody's profligacy explained why Jed only managed to tot up six first-half points, through a Clark Laidlaw drop goal - in the eighth minute and Kevin Amos' penalty.
And if she enjoyed a tot of Scotch whiskey every now and then, well, they liked that too.