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toss / бросать, вскидывать, подниматься и опускаться
throw, cast, drop, quit, toss, fling
throw up, toss, cast up
подниматься и опускаться
heave, toss
имя существительное
draw, toss, drawing, sortition, ballot, toss of the coin
throwing, cast, toss, casting, throw, fling
push, impetus, impulse, thrust, kick, toss
имя существительное
an action or instance of tossing something.
a defiant toss of her head
throw (something) somewhere lightly, easily, or casually.
Suzy tossed her bag onto the sofa
search (a place).
I could demand her keys and toss her office
I just cook the sauce in a wide frying pan, toss the freshly cooked gnocchi into it and then serve it from the pan.
Somerset won the toss and chose to bat
we could just toss a coin
Nalanda winning the toss made a wise decision to give first lease of the wicket to Ananda who were reeling at two wickets for four runs in the fifth over of the match.
we could just toss a coin
Cambridge won the toss and predictably chose Middlesex.
In six completed matches in the series also involving England, the team winning the toss have gone on to win each match with reasonable ease.
In the first game Kilkenny won the toss , served first and made an ace on the serve to lead one nil.
I'll toss you for it
The away team won the toss and decided to play against the breeze in the first half.