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torturous / мучительный
имя прилагательное
painful, excruciating, agonizing, torturous, grievous, agonized
имя прилагательное
characterized by, involving, or causing excruciating pain or suffering.
a torturous eight weeks in their prison camp
Seeing Adam is only slightly less torturous than getting my teeth cleaned.
Another incredibly busy day at work made torturous by the fact that my Launchcast just stopped working.
Agonizing, torturous hours were lost as he waited outside of Laura's chambers.
Anyway, we drew a little face on the asthma puffer mask and turned the whole torturous experience into a counting game.
It was a bid to create a fuzzy feeling about the pairing, attempting to make it look like theirs hasn't just been a torturous marriage of convenience.
College life is supposedly the best period in one's life, but ragging can make it the most torturous phase one would go through.
He is a farmer who marries a rich woman from the city and finds life in Athens with her and his delinquent son torturous .
Neither sounded very pleasant, for he knew both would be excruciatingly long and torturous .
My understanding of Roman history is that they were incredibly gory and torturous in their punishment.
On the other hand, however, he wouldn't have to continue with that torturous pain anymore.