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tortoiseshell / черепаховый
имя прилагательное
tortoiseshell, turtle, turtle-shell
имя существительное
панцирь черепахи
tortoiseshell, turtle-shell
turtle, tortoise, tortoiseshell, testudo, testudinate, turtle-shell
имя существительное
the semitransparent mottled yellow and brown shell of certain turtles, typically used to make jewelry or ornaments.
These included shell, coral, tortoiseshell , lava, jet, ivory, and paste.
Celluloid, a sheet material shaped with heat, replaced ivory or tortoiseshell in combs and accessories.
We've also found tortoiseshell , great white shark teeth.
If you refer to your collection of tortoiseshell guitar picks as plectra, the rest of your rock group are going to make merciless fun of you.
Any suitable material may be used, including quill, parchment, wood, ivory, bone, horn, tortoiseshell , and plastic.
The lithe tortoiseshell regarded the offending human, then ambled toward the porch rail with nonchalant disgust and mounted it without disturbing a whisker.
The tortoiseshell , who is 110 years old in human terms, was left homeless after her elderly owner, from Chorlton, passed away.
She had thick brown hair that piled unceremoniously on her head and green tortoiseshell glasses.
He brushed a fringe of fine, mousy hair from his face and pushed his imitation tortoiseshell glasses up his narrow nose.
Back in our chamber I sat down upon Burginde's bed and stroked the tortoiseshell kitten in silence.
The pair consisted of a tortoiseshell and white female called Madame Butterfly and a red and white male called Richard.