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tortoise / черепаха
имя существительное
turtle, tortoise, tortoiseshell, testudo, testudinate, turtle-shell
имя существительное
a turtle, typically a herbivorous one that lives on land.
The origin of turtles and tortoises from ancestral reptiles is still unclear.
Baby One Thousand, along with 64 tortoise brothers and sisters, is aboard, too, in a well-ventilated crate on deck.
Once she lays and buries her eggs, the female desert tortoise is finished with her parental role.
But first, do you know the difference between a turtle and tortoise ?
Currently, the group is in the midst of training dogs to find desert tortoise scat and hope to conduct testing this spring in Nevada.
The children are also learning to march like a tortoise as the Romans did, with shields at their side and on top.
The testudo, the tortoise formation, involved raising the scutums into a shell.
This mechanism is consistent with G. agassizii's propensity to relax homeostasis and appears critical to desert tortoise survival and reproduction.
Here the King of the Jungle was a giant vegetarian tortoise , and there were no large predators of any kind.
I've been fascinated by tortoises and turtles for a long time and I collect tortoise / turtle knick-knacks and figurines.
you are a tortoise on the uptake today