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torso / торс, туловище, корпус
имя существительное
torso, trunk
trunk, torso, body, corpus
body, housing, corps, case, hull, torso
имя существительное
the trunk of the human body.
The royal family are shown with elongated skulls and pear-shaped bodies with skinny torsos and arms but fuller hips, stomachs and thighs.
Alex fired madly at Gabriel's body, piercing his torso , legs, and arms multiple times.
The image is of an upper torso of a girl who wears a yellow t-shirt with ‘I am a girl’ inscribed on it.
Here, the standing figure of the group is presented as Orpheus, while the torso of the dying youth is disguised as an attendant lion.
Tom swayed on his backswing because his hands drifted too far away from his body, pulling his torso with them.
The rash began on his back but spread to his torso and extremities.
The key to Stewart's success is the quick thrust he gets with his torso and upper body as he tries to rush past a defender.
Cross your arms over your chest, squeeze your glutes and slowly raise your torso until your body forms a straight line.
The bar remains close to her body as her torso lowers, providing a greater stretch through the hamstrings.
The gigantic, colourful idols are made with straw and clay, starting with the making of straw figurines for the torso .
The PASGT Vest is a front opening design which protects the upper torso of the body.