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torsion / кручение, скручивание, торсион
имя существительное
torsion, twisting, twist, cabling, twirl, doubling
curling, twist, torsion, warping, wrench, wring
имя существительное
the action of twisting or the state of being twisted, especially of one end of an object relative to the other.
As the cantilever executes small torsion resonant oscillations by twisting about its long axis, the cantilever's free end and the AFM tip rotate a very small angle about that axis.
This situation rather suggests that the fluorescence spectrum is an ensemble average over molecules with different degrees of torsion .
We have indicated that the salt-bridge stretching mechanism involves solely reorientation of the positively charged polarized bonds due to torsion of the polyene chain at the linkage to Lys - 296.
Some species reverse torsion , but evidence of having passed through a twisted phase can be seen in the anatomy of these forms.
In turn, every backbone torsion angle was tested as a potential hinge point.
The hollow-section aluminum control arms, highly rigid in torsion and flex, absorb a large portion of the forces acting on the wheels.
If the pole has not got sufficient strength, there is a tendency to torsion or slight movement which renders the installation futile.
The Ferrari measured just under 16,000 ib.ft. per degree of torsion .
Bending and torsional stiffness are 31% greater than the baseline, with a natural frequency of 25.0 Hz in torsion and 27.8 Hz in vertical bending.
A major characteristic of gastropods is the torsion of their bodies: the posterior part of the mantle cavity is rotated laterally and anteriorly so that it comes to lie above the head.
The torsion of the distal plane relative to the proximal plane is about 60 degrees.