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torque / крутящий момент, вращающий момент
имя существительное
крутящий момент
вращающий момент
torque, involve, crumple
имя существительное
a twisting force that tends to cause rotation.
A key element in these force and torque balances is the hydrodynamic shear force and torque that the cell experiences when stationary on a planar surface.
apply torque or a twisting force to (an object).
he gently torqued the hip joint
However, the C5's kerb weight of 1,440 kg is not excessive and the new diesel engine has substantial torque available from a lowly 1,750 rpm.
A two-stage spur gear transmits torque between the servomotor and the plasticizing screw.
The direction for torque and therefore angular momentum is given by the right-hand-rule.
Mechanical properties of biological samples have also been studied by applying a magnetic force or torque to magnetic beads adhering to the sample surface.
It's better to change up early, relying on the strong low-down torque and excellent gearbox to keep you rolling along at a reasonable pace.
The most important joint-loading conditions that increased the force on the PCL graft were a varus moment and a coupled posterior drawer force and external rotation torque .
The orientation and length of each spring specifies the instantaneous force and torque exerted by that bond on the sphere and also its probability for breakage per unit time.
the three-litre engine has lots of torque
In mechanical terms, the definition of torque is the force acting on an object that causes that object to rotate.
If these 50 bacteria are randomly distributed over the surface, each pointing an average of four flagella in random directions, the net force and torque produced would be zero.