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torpor / оцепенение, апатия, тупость
имя существительное
consternation, stupor, torpor, catalepsy, stupefaction, torpidity
apathy, lassitude, torpor, indifference
stupidity, dullness, obtuseness, crassness, bluntness, torpor
имя существительное
a state of physical or mental inactivity; lethargy.
they veered between apathetic torpor and hysterical fanaticism
This may be a sign of American democracy's torpor ; or of our preoccupied sleepwalk with cults of brand-name products.
During the spell of inertia that weaves around the village and the scorching heat which regularly topped 100 degrees we fell into a state of not unpleasant torpor .
These are the defilements of sensuous desire, ill-will or anger, sloth and torpor , agitation and worry, and doubt.
But this is a guy who was lifted out of his generic teenage torpor only by endlessly listening to records, and who really believes music is the only reason for existing.
Where physical torpor leads, mental atrophy is sure to follow.
He had fallen at the hands of sloth and torpor ; of avarice and complacency.
they veered between apathetic torpor and hysterical fanaticism
That should keep people busy denouncing my moral torpor today!
The lizard refused everything and was slipping into torpor .
Practitioners of ‘silent illumination’ came in for criticism on the account that their practice led to mere laziness and torpor .