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torpid / вялый, в спячке, апатичный
имя прилагательное
sluggish, slack, flaccid, languid, listless, torpid
в спячке
dormant, torpid
apathetic, lethargic, listless, languid, lackadaisical, torpid
inactive, supine, passive, inoperative, vacuous, torpid
delayed, deferred, impaired, torpid, late, slow-motion
имя прилагательное
mentally or physically inactive; lethargic.
we sat around in a torpid state
Sheep were torpid , and even with binoculars, there wasn't a walker moving anywhere.
All the members called him Sloth, which perfectly reflected his sluggish and torpid personality.
The ability of the egg to survive with suspended incubation and for the chick to become torpid are important for survival, since the adults spend a lot of time away from the nest looking for food that can be hard to find.
Brain waves, absent when the animal is deeply torpid , return spontaneously.
We fade, lose heart, become torpid , languish, then the sap rises again, and we are passionate.
It spends most of its life buried deep in the soil in a shriveled, torpid state.
Yet the field of Italian economic history is anything but torpid .
The Academy Awards ceremony this year was a largely boring and torpid affair, dominated by the deeply misguided self-satisfaction of nearly all involved.
Nearing Chinnavaikal, we see two cows on the shore, one lying torpid in the sun, one nosing around desultorily.
Joe's journey, configured as an immersion into the blues, the heart of jazz, manifests itself as a depression, solitary and torpid , a metaphorical cave within which he has interred himself.