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tornado / торнадо, смерч, ураган
имя существительное
tornado, twister
tornado, whirlwind, twister
hurricane, whirlwind, storm, tornado, twister, willy-willy
имя существительное
a mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds having the appearance of a funnel-shaped cloud and advancing beneath a large storm system.
These clouds often bring thunder and lightning, and can also bring funnel clouds or even tornadoes .
You came and left like a tornado of emotions… and you forever marked my heart.
You're at your coolest and most collected when you're the eye of a tornado , surrounded by a frenzy of activity.
It finally took a hard smack with Godzilla's tail to rouse him out of his glum state and knock us all over with a wind tornado of anger.
I wasn't about to enter into an explanation of the tornado of confusion that was engulfing my life right now.
The wind got stronger as clouds gathered and a tornado began to form.
Despite the absence of Decira, the pace did not slow down a bit, and the world continued to spin, catching all who remained in its tornado of confusion.
The tornado , the overhead storm clouds and the city beneath all stood out in eerie green detail.
Red electricity crackled through the tornado , and the wind began to slow.
teenagers caught up in a tornado of sexual confusion
The kaleidoscopic tornado of feelings clouded his mind.