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torment / мучить, досаждать, изводить
torment, torture, excruciate, tantalize, rack, fret
annoy, plague, molest, vex, torment, spite
harass, torment, badger, nag, harry, exasperate
имя существительное
torment, anguish, misery, fret, worry, fash
flour, meal, throe, martyrdom, torment, agony
источник мучений
имя существительное
severe physical or mental suffering.
their deaths have left both families in torment
cause to experience severe mental or physical suffering.
he was tormented by jealousy
The intense mental and physical torment that could be ahead of you will blow your mind.
Prickly pear cacti had been a torment during the difficult portage around the Great Falls of the Missouri.
I could only imagine the inner torment he must be suffering.
the journey must have been a torment for them
their deaths have left both families in torment
I only tell you this to assure you that many Mac people are near and dear to me and I would never do anything intentionally to taunt, tease or torment any of you.
It is a perilous journey into the unknown, with little or no guidance, mental torment and physical pain at every turn, and an uncertain outcome.
Soon enough, Tucker shows up late one night to torment the anguished adolescent about their relationship.
But it is also one that depicts the inner torment and anguish of a guilt-ridden monarch.
Before any physical torment , the idea would be to make him give up, lose hope.