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tori / торус, валик, цветоложе
имя существительное
torus, tore
roll, platen, bead, cylinder, spindle, bolster
receptacle, torus, tore
имя существительное
a surface or solid formed by rotating a closed curve, especially a circle, around a line that lies in the same plane but does not intersect it (e.g., like a ring-shaped doughnut).
To be rigorous, the hole is not actually in the torus: the torus is the surface and the hole is in the space around the surface.
a large convex molding, typically semicircular in cross section, especially as the lowest part of the base of a column.
One stand has a torus molding with red-painted triglyph and metopal sections, while a lower register has alternating black and white sections.
a ridge of bone or muscle.
the maxillary torus
the receptacle of a flower.