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torchlight / свет факела, свет электрического фонаря
имя существительное
свет факела
свет электрического фонаря
имя существительное
the light of a torch or torches.
Slowly his eyes fluttered open, but the flickering torchlight that lit his cell seemed unnaturally bright.
It was not the flickering orange of torchlight , but the steady bluish-white light of the evening outside.
Lionfish, with their colours even more luminescent in the brightness of torchlight , gently moved around the jetty posts.
The torchlight glowered down to the barest hint of light emerging from the brackets.
Even at this late hour, torchlight and candlelight glowed brightly through the many gaping windows.
They say they had no choice but to pack up by torchlight yesterday after the electricity to Woolston House, a former textile mill, was cut off.
One of the local toms has a particular dislike for her and has battered her intermittently quite badly, and so began the hunt by torchlight for her.
Finally, by torchlight , I take a twitching haunch, cover it with rock salt and smear it with wild sage, and we've got dinner.
Then several beers and a feed under torchlight at the pub.
He estimated his position from his brief view of the room with torchlight and the light framed by the doorway he had entered from.
I would usually start studying and handwriting assignments at 1am by torchlight as there was no electricity.