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torch / факел, горелка, светоч
имя существительное
torch, brand, flambeau, cresset, link
burner, torch, gas-jet
torch, luminary, lamp, cresset
освещать факелами
имя существительное
a portable means of illumination such as a piece of wood or cloth soaked in tallow or an oil lamp on a pole, sometimes carried ceremonially.
The colourful cloth and the cardboard piece that symbolised the torch of the statue made the model look appealing.
set fire to.
the shops had been looted and torched
They were led downward by a high position royal guard carrying a torch to light the way.
Deller's theme is that the values of all fundamental religions are essentially materialistic, which leaves art carrying the torch for the spiritually minded.
She said as she fished out of her flight jacket a small cutting torch .
By August 31st, this important literary torch will pass from poet to poet.
As a finishing touch, Dufault ‘flame polishes’ the edges of acrylic using a small, butane torch .
The oxygen fuel gas-cutting torch is most often used for this application.
I've got some new batteries for my torch and as soon as it's dark enough, I'll be out in the garden…
With only a little more than a year in the Army Reserve, Baker has now become the bearer of the military service torch in his family.
The small, plastic yellow gun is powered by a battery, includes a torch to light up the target and almost looks like a child's toy.
Sprinkle with sugar, using a hand-held propane torch , caramelize the sugar, and set aside.