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toque / ток, макака
имя существительное
current, amperage, toque, barnyard, cornflour, threshing-floor
toque, macaque, macaco
имя существительное
a woman's small hat, typically having a narrow, closely turned-up brim.
Hats off - from berets to toques , from homburgs to pillboxes - to Dame Edna: The Royal Tour.
Sure, it may save some money on rent and whatnot, but when you and your friends go out to the bar and your mom shows up with a toque and mittens because it-s cold, the cool factor kind of drops a little.
Confident of his abilities and hungry to promote his ideas about classical and contemporary cuisine, Matthews quickly traded his sous chef's hat for a taller toque .
Those who come are also asked to wear a hat - something more lavish than a baseball cap or toque .
I doffed my chef's toque and researched recipes for white carrots that paired the unusual root with other crops we are harvesting now, like chervil.
He used a spatula to flip one egg into his pocket and another onto the top of his chef's toque .
He wore a large, torn grey jacket, a black toque and huge, bulky rock star sunglasses.
Desroches' alfresco restaurant lets you wiggle your toes in bare sand, while a chef with a tall toque and suitably Gallic accent does delicious things with the catch of the day and fresh local vegetables.
He usually always has the hood up, or has a toque on.
He took his chef's toque , and his skills, to Brunei where the Sheraton had another property and then a year later returned to the Sheraton Rotorua as the sous chef there.
He took his toque off with the veil attached, and he put both it and the cloak into his brown bag.