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topsoil / пахотный слой почвы
имя существительное
пахотный слой почвы
имя существительное
the top layer of soil.
Many soils have a topsoil layer that is more permeable than the clay subsoil.
keep all the topsoil you remove; you're bound to find a use for it later!
Ideally, a loamy textured topsoil should be brought in to increase soil grade.
Vetiver grass lines terraces in the gardens, to trap valuable topsoil in the beds.
It takes over 500 years to form one inch of stable topsoil and it can be lost in minutes.
It had been roughly levelled and covered with a layer of topsoil .
In areas with heavy clay soil, add a layer of lightly structured topsoil .
Crop yields drop as topsoil is lost, prompting subsistence farmers to clear more land.
It owns recycling plants in Ayrshire, Paisley and Glasgow and supplies recycled aggregates, topsoil and subsoil.
Furthermore, in cultivated soils, dense compact subsoils frequently underlie the loosened topsoil .
The thin layer of topsoil is constantly thawing and refreezing during the summer, and this makes any plant growth very difficult.