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topside / на палубе, в главенствующей роли
на палубе
on deck, topside
в главенствующей роли
имя прилагательное
deck, topside
имя существительное
надстройка корабля
имя существительное
the upper part of a ship's side, above the waterline.
Such a person is saying ‘naval architect’, because the person realises that he or she is working with a ship's sides and keels and topsides , but that ships do not have what people would normally see as being walls and a roof.
on or toward the upper decks of a ship.
we stayed topside
I didn't think it would be that much of a risk to send a couple of fighters topside to scout out the situation.
The support ships topside kept them apprised of all developments, but the questions that remained was if Seaview could get to them in time and could they affect a rescue even if they did?
a topside lift
There is varied and colourful diving on sites rich in marine life, hospitable islanders, often-luxurious accommodation, sensational views topside , diving at all levels but plenty for non-divers to do.
It also puts your inputs topside , making them easier to get at.
This necessitates a trip topside to throw them over the rail.
This eliminated paddle wheels and allowed machinery to be located well within the ship and below the waterline, making it less vulnerable and freeing topside space for guns.
The small pod takes up very little desktop real estate and brings the system's controls topside where they belong.
In groups of two or more, Cole Sailors began to move topside for triage and evacuation.
Latter group of three ships, built in 1964, used 100 tons of welded 5086 plates and extrusions for the topside structure.