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topology / топология
имя существительное
имя существительное
the study of geometric properties and spatial relations unaffected by the continuous change of shape or size of figures.
Euclidean geometry studies Euclidean-space-structure, topology studies topological structures, and so on.
the way in which constituent parts are interrelated or arranged.
the topology of a computer network
They relate Boolean algebras to general topology and to the theory of rings and ideals, and include what is called Stone-tech compactification today.
The null space of the stoichiometric matrix that describes the topology of metabolic networks and that contains the steady-state flux distributions has been analyzed in detail.
As chol was added, the topology of the domains was changed (formation of lo domains), and eventually phase separation disappeared at high chol fractions.
He worked in a wide variety of mathematical areas including general topology , topological vector spaces, algebraic geometry, invariant theory and the classical groups.
Thus, the strength of selective constraints on gene sequences is affected by the topology of the gene coexpression network.
All mathematicians in geometry, complex analysis, low-dimensional topology , and geometric group theory will want to have it on their bookshelves.
On a molecular level, stress relaxation occurs by a change in the topology of the connections within the skeletal network.
The stoichiometry matrix: Structural modelling in this context is so called because the focus is on the network topology of the system.
For my Ph.D. 1 was required to study analysis, algebra, and algebraic topology .
In this analysis, such is not the case; the Adams consensus produces a topology that is identical to one of the 24 most parsimonious trees.