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topmost / самый верхний, самый важный
имя прилагательное
самый верхний
uppermost, topmost, upmost
самый важный
topmost, weightiest
имя прилагательное
highest in physical position; highest.
we watched a squirrel negotiate the topmost branches of a nearby tree
Nor was this confined only to the topmost echelons of society at Rome itself.
Indeed, photosynthesis in the topmost leaves, at about 360 feet, scarcely occurs at all.
In connection with riders, motorcycle boots are their topmost choice.
The olive trees on the topmost terrace look tousled; the silver undersides of their leaves are far more visible than usual.
Racing to the Ferris wheel, Pete glanced up at the topmost cage.
He said providing education to physically challenged children was our topmost priority.
The banyan tree stood above all, its topmost branch trying to reach out to the sky.
Among those infected were several scions of the topmost aristocracy who were being educated abroad.
He could see the walled orchard, the sun glinting on the topmost leaves of the apple trees.
Each atoll is the topmost point of a submarine pillar of limestone extending several thousand feet from an extinct volcano.