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topless / без верха, с обнаженной грудью, без лифа
имя прилагательное
без верха
с обнаженной грудью
без лифа
имя прилагательное
(of a woman or a woman's item of clothing) having or leaving the breasts uncovered.
a topless dancer
The Communist Party countered by hiring topless women to hand out their campaign literature.
In the past forty years, barmaids have been exposed to topless bars, and even to totally nude dancing in some pubs.
And frankly, all topless girls are welcome, but you obviously need a lot more attention than anybody else.
Will a dozen topless women beating on drums be enough to bring her back?
After some scenes of topless women and some meanderings by the annoying characters, the mayhem starts.
Finally I got rid of them too and just have some topless ladies in thongs stand around by the pool all day long.
On my way back I saw the cook watching a TV show in what I guess was his native language that had topless women.
His partner is some mustached American pretty boy who plays tennis with topless women.
She is topless and obviously not enjoying herself.
I'd say to the author of this piece, if he'll get rid of his Beatles hairdo, I'll go topless at the beach.