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topknot / пучок волос, хохолок, пучок перьев
имя существительное
пучок волос
topknot, lock of hair
tuft, crest, pappus, topknot, cop, hood
пучок перьев
имя существительное
a knot of hair arranged on the top of the head.
Many of them keep long hairs arranged as a topknot known as dhammil in their community but not all of them keep their hair in the same style.
By 1668, the term had shifted to chamorro, because Chamorro men often wore a topknot of hair on an otherwise shaved scalp.
In the later images she would have been vulnerable to the charge of excessive luxury by wearing a topknot - the cause of some considerable ballad debate over sartorial morality in the 1690s.
She dressed for comfort, usually in slacks and sweater, with her red hair caught up in a topknot .
Sword-bearing was restricted to the army, and the characteristic topknot hairstyle forbidden.
Crimping of the bangs will add texture and fullness to the front of your face while crimping of a topknot or ponytail will add height.
Cassandra started wearing her brown hair in a topknot ponytail as it grew to her lower back.
Unlike most samurai, he did not wear a topknot , but instead kept his hair long and flowing, tied back in a horse's tail at the nape of his neck.
Only one other child - a weeping boy - looked up as her face, framed by long dark hair piled in a topknot , appeared at the window.
His hair is oiled and groomed into a beehive topknot ; his high, unfurrowed forehead is punctuated with a round caste mark.
The hairstyle for men in Okinawa (as well as Japan) prior to the modern era was to tie long hair in a knot on top of the head and secure it with a single hairpin, as shown here, or with two hairpins pushed through the topknot from different angles.