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topical / тематический, актуальный, местный
имя прилагательное
thematic, topical
actual, topical, of current interest
local, spot, topical, regional, indigenous, native
имя прилагательное
(of a subject) of immediate relevance, interest, or importance owing to its relation to current events.
a wide variety of subjects of topical interest
relating or applied directly to a part of the body.
A physician had prescribed a topical steroid cream for this eruption three months ago with initial improvement in the rash.
имя существительное
a postage stamp forming part of a set or collection with designs connected with the same subject.
Our programming is about subjects that are topical and relevant to us in our current lives.
In patients with severe discomfort secondary to vulvitis, the combination of a low-potency steroid cream and a topical antifungal cream may be beneficial.
The FDA published this TFM on the testing and classification of topical antimicrobials.
To make the event more meaningful, seminars on topical interest have also been scheduled.
You would take systemic remedies by mouth and they work on the whole body while topical remedies are applied directly to the area affected, such as a nasal spay for a blocked nose.
About 250 students from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are expected to attend the December 14 event, which will cover a number of topical issues.
The key problem is that the burden of proof, or demand for evidence, may vary according to a policy's perceived fit with the prevailing collective world views about issues of popular topical interest.
That requires programmes which are topical , engaging and relevant, as the best of current affairs has always been.
Unlike existing treatments for the condition, MED2002 is a topical treatment that is designed to be safe for patients with heart problems.
Or you can invent topical categories - love letters, crank letters, letters to the editor.