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topic / тема, предмет обсуждения, заголовок
имя существительное
topic, theme, subject, text, chapter, burden
предмет обсуждения
topic, matter, point at issue
heading, headline, caption, head, banner, topic
имя прилагательное
local, topical, topic, brush-fire, on-site
local, spot, topical, regional, indigenous, topic
имя существительное
a matter dealt with in a text, discourse, or conversation; a subject.
her favorite topic of conversation is her partner
research topic
It was inevitable that it should be the topic of conversation as we ate in Pizza Express.
The latest morale-boosting victory was the sole topic of conversation at the event.
her favorite topic of conversation is her partner
they'll discuss the topic with you
For Edinburgh residents, a safe place to park the car became the main topic of conversation.
the topic of the sentence
First, the empty topic is in general a discourse rather than a sentence phenomenon.
Oh, this has been the main topic of conversation in emails flying back and forth this afternoon.
I never noticed it come up as a topic of conversation at work or with friends, either.