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topiary / фигурная стрижка кустов, сад с подстриженными деревьями
имя существительное
фигурная стрижка кустов
сад с подстриженными деревьями
topiary, topiary garden
имя существительное
the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes.
The horticultural art of topiary dates back at least 2,000 years, to when the ancient Romans cut bushes and trees into ornamental shapes.
She continued: ‘You can also combine traditional ideas with new ones, to create a sensational seasonal topiary tree.’
Using both live and dried plants, you'll learn how to select materials, frames, and containers, then plant, train, prune, and clip your topiary .
We dug up the misplaced topiary and turned it around.
a cottage surrounded by topiary and flowers
He values all of his customers whether they are shopping for an elaborate piece of box topiary priced in the thousands, or a couple of pot plants.
Rowe's yard in Vinings, Georgia, has indisputable African antecedents, as manifested in its topiary , fruit trees, swept-dirt grounds, and highly varied adornments.
Along that stretch of two-lane, one encounters a remarkable range of topiary and ornamental eccentricity.
An outstanding example of violently abusing plants for our entertainment is topiary art.
In 1625, Francis Bacon, whose famous essay opens ‘God first planted a garden: it is the greatest of human pleasures ’, dismissed popular knot gardens and topiary with a sneer.
Lemon verbena is also useful for topiary work, making nice large standards.